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At the Old Ball Game...

Your 2009 GWSB softball team.

The GWSB softball team, Mind Your Own Business completed its inaugural season as a member of the GW Summer Softball League by posting a 3-4 record – very respectable for an “expansion team.”

Led by Erica Prakop from the dean’s office and Co-captain Alexis Gaul of the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), the team boasted a roster of 30 faculty members, staffers and students. Standout players included shortstop Mike Battaglia, administrative manager for the International Council for Small Business, whose stellar glove work anchored the infield defense; Scheherazade Rehman, professor of international business and international affairs, who did a great job guarding the line at third base; Angela Gore, assistant professor of accountancy, who worked from the mound and always seemed to come through with a timely hit; and all-around team-player Stuart Levy, assistant professor of tourism and hospitality management, who wore a gold glove both at first base and in center field.

The highlight of the season for Mind Your Own Business was a thrilling come-from-behind victory over the ISS Department’s Terra Cotta Warriors on July 22. Down by three runs going into the final inning, MYOB held tight on defense, allowing no further damage. In the bottom of the frame, the team launched a steady barrage of hits – aided by some smart base running – for a memorable game-winning rally.

“Summer softball was a great way for GWSB faculty, staff, and students to interact in a friendly, casual setting outside of the School,” said Prakop. “We are thrilled that the season was so successful. The enthusiastic, supportive team made every game exciting. We can only hope the other teams had as much fun as we did!”